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2nd and 3rd September 2023 – The Challenges of Racism in Psychotherapeutic Training - Online


Climate Change in the Consulting Room

The Role of Psychotherapy in a Time When the Familiar Is Dying

organised by Manchester Gestalt Centre and facilitated by Steffi Bednarek

When:          Friday 17th and Saturday 18th November 2023,

                     10am – 5pm (4pm on Sat)

Where:         Birch Community Centre, Brighton Grove, Manchester, M14 5JT

For Whom? This 2-day seminar is relevant for anyone who wants to reflect on the impact the climate crisis has on the human psyche and how in turn the human psyche impacts on the state of the world. How might our theory and practice need to adapt in order to become more porous to the world?

What? The topics we will explore include the following:

·       Climate Change as the elephant outside the room. Who is responsible for bringing it in?
·       An ecology of relationships: inter-dependence that affects client and therapist alike
·       Climate Distress: Clinical dysfunction or healthy response?
·       Climate Journeys and common coping strategies
·       What could it look like to de-centre the human in the consulting room?
·       Clinical reflections and case discussions
·       The role of the therapist beyond individual therapy
How many? Max. 18 participants. The openness to explore one’s personal feelings in relation to the meta-crisis we face will be an essential requirement.
A certificate of attendance will be handed out at the end of the second day.

Cost: £275.00 – Early bird £250.00 (until 01st August 2023).   including refreshments
Also send in a paragraph or two about yourself and your interest in this workshop, plus your contact details and email address.

Steffi Bednarek is a Gestalt psychotherapist, trauma therapist and climate psychologist. She has managed psychotherapy and trauma services and has worked on systemic change for local and national governments, the corporate sector and NGOs. She is an Associate of the Climate Psychology Alliance and co-founder of the journal ‘Explorations into Climate Psychology’. 

Her book “Climate, Psychology and Change" will be published in May. The systems thinker Fritjof Capra called it ‘an important contribution to the conversation about climate change’ and Satish Kumar, founder of Schumacher College and Resurgence Magazine, called it ‘a work of wisdom, a treasure of radical ideas and profound insights’.

Dr.Alessandra Merizzi
Clinical Psychologist, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Psychology researcher
A: Via Mandirola, 57
     Monte San Pietrangeli (FM), Italy
Working days:
Mon, Tue 9-18 + Fri morning at INRCA, Ancona
Wed & Thu 9.30-20.30 + Fri afternoon private practice


Embodied Relational Sex Therapy (ERST) Zoom Training: An Integrative, Neurobiologically-Supported Gestalt Approach to Sexual Health, Healing, and Pleasure with Stella Resnick, PhD

Friday and Saturday, October 20 and 21, 2023

6 hours each day for a total of 12 hours.

12- AASECT-approved CEs for AASECT members

This holistic, integrative approach blends sexual science and sex therapy with interpersonal neurobiology and the practice of full-spectrum (cognitive-somatic, behavioral-experiential) Gestalt therapy. Issues addressed include healing sexual trauma, sexual and relational distress, desire and arousal differences between partners, letting go and orgasm, and the critical factors of romantic and erotic play.

Methods for addressing relational and sexual distress involve identifying intergenerational trauma, cultivating somatic awareness, identifying pleasure-resistance, sexual and sensory processing, and body-based, present-centered experiential processing. The focus of Embodied Relational Sex Therapy (ERST) is personal growth and integration of body, mind, and spirit through relational repair and emotional and sexual healing—recognizing sexual health as a critical factor in healing the whole person.

Each day in the training offers pertinent research and anecdotal evidence, group discussion, individual, couple, and group experiential processing, two-person exercises, conscious breathing methods, and present-centered improvised experiments. Together, we explore the emotionally healing, sexually enhancing, and growth-promoting powers of empathy, playfulness, humor, imagination, creativity, self-revelation, loving connection and mindful eroticism. No exercises involve any sexual activity during this training.

Fee: $1250 for the two-day training is for the screen. Participants may share their screen with a partner, spouse, close friend or trusted colleague for no additional fee.

Friday, Oct. 20:  Focus on Sexual Concerns, Relational Distress, and Pleasure-Resistance
Saturday, Oct. 21:  Focus on Broadening Pleasure Literacy, the ABCs of Erotic Arousal, Desire, and Fulfilling Orgasms.

For more information, please contact me at: or visit



Relational Change promotes a relational approach in all walks of life. Together with our associates and affiliated centres in the UK and Europe, we aim to deliver value to people, groups and communities in the areas of Organisational Development, Community Building, Coaching and Psychotherapy.

July 2023
 ROG: Roots and Shoots

Marie-Anne and Sally have dedicated the past 18 years to designing and developing the ROG, (Relational Organisational Gestalt), program in response to the growing demand for OD approaches that can effectively support practitioners in navigating challenging, dynamic, and complex conditions. An outline of the approach is described by Marie-Anne Chidiac in her (2018) book, Relational Organisational Gestalt: An Emergent Approach to Organisational Development .

The ROG Faculty Evolves!
Welcome Three New ROG Associate Faculty Members
We are delighted to welcome Aline Giordano, John Hovell and James Woodeson as our new ROG Associate Faculty. They will be joining the training from October. To find out more, please go to our ROG-Training Page or download this months Newsletter.

We are thrilled to announce that, at this stage of our evolution, we are embarking on a new chapter with a team of Associate Faculty members. Each member is a graduate of our two-year ROG program, bringing with them unique skills and interests. Together, over the next 12 months, we will work collaboratively to ensure that ROG continues to remain at the forefront as an international OD program suitable for Coaches, Team Coaches, Organisational Consultants and Leaders.

As of now, we are witnessing the formation of an exceptional international cohort, with only a few seats remaining. If you are curious to see how ROG can meet your specific needs, please reach out to to arrange a call and explore the possibilities.

To contact us, please
email us at:

Fall/Winter Programs 2023-2024
From Relational


9 September 2023 | London

In this workshop Naoum Liotas is offering an insight into how to become more effective in our interventions as coaches by utilising moment-to-moment body awareness.


Starting 25 January 2024 | Online & Kingston-Upon-Thames

Whether working clinically or in a coaching setting with clients, it is not unusual for practitioners to experience relational and practice difficulties. This translates into the need for a supervisor who can offer new models and a fresh perspective as well as supporting competent practice. On this course, we will consider the relationships between the self of the client, the therapist/coach and the supervisor, their specific contexts, and the wider field, based upon our new matrix model of a relational approach to supervision and supervisory practice.

Starting October 2023 | Online & Oxford

The ROG programme, led by Sally Denham-Vaughan and Marie-Anne Chidiac, provides skill enhancing training for coaches, consultants, leaders, OD and HR professionals, facilitators and change agents working in any field. This training is also ideal for therapists and counsellors aiming to move into coaching or organisational work. This is a hybrid course, with 4 modules online and 2 in person.

THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN': How to Navigate Transitions & Contexts

December 14th 2023 | Online via Zoom

> Low cost CPD: all welcome
Our world is changing! What can we use to guide us? How do we define our identities? How do we set boundaries and defend our sense of what is right and ethical? In our 2023 Annual Relational Change Community Gathering we will explore these questions together and journey along our timelines from the present moment, to the past and into the future.
details here >>

Coming soon from The Gestalt Journal Press:

The Existential Itch:
Religion, Socially Accepted Neurosis and Existential Psychotherapy

by Steven Eserin
Gestalt psychotherapist


The majority of workshops for this year are being held virtually with a select few taking place in person.
For workshop format and more detailed descriptions please visit our website at

Register at:

Introduction to Gestalt Theory and Practice
Register at:

Sunday, September 10th 2023
1-4 pm
No CE hours
Free (reservations are required)

This introductory class will provide a beginning understanding of Gestalt Therapy and practice. You will learn about Gestalt theory, methods and techniques, and about what is at the heart of our creative, experiential therapy. In addition, we'll answer your questions about our training programs in Gestalt therapy.

Mind Blown: Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy
Michael O’Brien, LP
Register at:

Saturday, September 30, 2023
1 pm – 5 pm
4 CE hours
$100 (some scholarships available)

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy arrived with the legalization of ketamine; psilocybin and MDMA are soon to follow. This course will introduce you to these substances, how they are used in a therapeutic context, the different experiences they offer, and how their use interfaces within traditional psychotherapeutic models. 

The Enneagram – Discovering Character
Silvio Oliva, Psychologist, Psychotherapist
(In-person format)

Saturday, October 28, 2023, and
Sunday, October 29, 2003
10 am – 5 pm both days (with one-hour lunch break)
6 CE hours for each day
Day 1: $175
Both Days: $300 (Day 1 is a pre-requisite for Day 2)

Discovering your own character with its passions and flaws is a voyage into yourself, a discovery unveiling parts of your inner world and at the same time giving you a range of possibilities for growing up and improving the quality of your life and relationships. For a psychologist or psychotherapist (and for anybody working with relationships), it is a very powerful tool. This workshop will be held in a theoretical-experiential mode. Participants will have experiences that will help them identify their “enneatype”, discover processes about themselves and invent a horizon of change to achieve their greatest potential.

Getting Real with Real Clients
Kenneth Meyer, Ph.D.
Register at:

Saturday, November 4, 2023, and
Sunday, January 7, 2024
11 am – 4 pm each day (with one-hour lunch break)
4 CE hours each day
Day 1: $100
Both days: $175
This series is designed to help both new and experienced practitioners work better with those who -- seemingly -- can’t or won’t “do” Gestalt work. We will cover a variety of ways to better engage clients in experiential work, how to develop an atmosphere of mutual exploration, how to gradually introduce experiments, and how to deal with some of the common misunderstandings and reservations that clients have about our methods. There will be several weeks between the first session and the second to give participants an opportunity to discuss their experiences using these interventions with real clients, any difficulties implementing them, and additional refinements of these ways of engaging clients.

Introduction to Couples Work
Marla Silverman, Ph.D.
Register at:

Saturday, November 18, 2023
9 am – 12 pm
3 CE hours

For the therapist who wants a way to understand how to work with couples. We will cover principles and methods of working with couples, how to structure a session, what to look for and how to intervene. This workshop is both didactic and experiential.  

Spirituality and Gestalt
Michael O’Brien, LP

Saturday, February 10, 2024
1 – 5 pm (with one-hour lunch break)
4 CE hours
$100 (some scholarships available)

What is the relationship of individual consciousness (historically called God)?  And what part does ‘higher’ consciousness play in psychotherapy and healing?  In the context of non-duality and the practice of psychotherapy, the phrase, “Love they neighbor as they self” takes on new and profound clinical meaning(s).  This workshop will explore those meanings through readings, discussion, experiments and video. Our main source will be A Course in Miracles, a psycho-spiritual teaching that specifically speaks of psychotherapy as a spiritual practice, but will also include material from Buber, Advaita Vedanta, NDE’s, EMDR, 12 Steps, Meditation and Psychedelics.

Register at:



Inspirational and Practical:  Eighteen short free online articles by Victor Daniels describing methods especially useful in Fritz Perls’ original empty chair dialogue approach, now sometimes referred to as “classical gestalt therapy” and still practiced by Erv Polster and others, especially throughout Latin America.

Many of these brief pieces, such as “Gestalt Dream Work,” describe methods  that are equally useful in  dialogical-relational work.

Also at the website — lecture notes on early Gestalt psychology, Field theory, and related existential, phenomenological, humanistic, and transpersonal approaches. And many photos of some past gestalt conferences.  All at:

Also, there’s a stunningly-illustrated book-length exposition of how to use visual imagery in gestalt work (or almost any kind of psychotherapy) by Victor Daniels and Kooch N, Daniels shown at:

The images shown in the book are Tarot card pictures, but the methods described can be used with  any collection of images you wish, from any culture or subculture in the world.  (The first half of the book is meant explicitly for psychotherapists and counselors, and the second half for Tarot readers. If you want to moonlight as a fortune-teller, here’s your guide!)

---  Victor Daniels, Ph.D.



Developmental process embodied within the clinical moment, with Ruella Frank, PhD.
Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy, created by Ruella Frank, PhD., is a relational and movement-oriented approach to psychotherapy within a Gestalt therapy framework. Inspired by the work of developmental psychologists and somatic practitioners, Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy is a template for understanding and working with early psychophysical blocks as they emerge in the here-and-now of therapy. Attending to movement patterns is particularly powerful when guided by contemporary developmental theory.
The Online DSP training meets for 8 modules, every other month, for 2 & 1/2 days each module.
For further information visit or contact

RUELLA FRANK'S NEW BOOK: The Bodily Roots of Experience in Psychotherapy, available on Amazon or Routledge Press, now available in four languages.


Every Child's Life Is Worth A Story: Writing Life Narratives with Children in Gestalt Therapy

Erving Polster wrote a book entitled, EveryPerson's Life is Worth A Novel (1987). He recognized that in therapy, the story of each person's life held all the elements of a gripping novel. He writes that there is a healing effect from a person learning how remarkably interesting his life's journey has been. Laura Perls changed his title for a lecture she presented at the New York Institute in 1988, "Every Novel is a Case History".
After over 30 years as a child therapist, I have found that one of the most profound healing effects in therapy is in co-writing with a child a cohesive story of her life or a life experience. The findings of neurobiology and research in attachment theory confirm and inform this approach, as well as narrative theory and traditional storytelling. The collaborative process moves the child toward greater neural integration and a sense of stability and well-being in the child’s life. When a therapist writes a child's life narrative, he works closely with a child and the creativity of both result in an emotionally rich and coherent story.
In-Person, Solvang, CA: September 2nd-3rd, 2023
Presenter: Felicia Carroll, LMFT, RPT-S
CE: 12 Contact Hours

For more information or to register, visit:

Introduction to Gestalt Play Therapy: Oaklander Approach

The Introductory Workshop in Gestalt Play Therapy is designed to introduce the theoretical principles and clinical skills that distinguish Gestalt Play Therapy from other approaches. This day is experiential which aims at integrating theory with practice while using the tools of expressive play therapy. The emphasis of this program will be on individual psychotherapy and the application of Gestalt Therapy principles represented in the work of Violet Oaklander, Ph. D., author of Windows To Our Children and Hidden Treasure: A Map to the Child’s Inner Self. In this training we will examine closely those factors that bring about change and growth for a child or adolescent through the therapeutic process of Gestalt Play Therapy. An emphasis in this work will be on the dynamics of the therapeutic relationship as the heart of play therapy.

On-Line: October 27th, 2023
Presenter: Valente Orozco, LCSW, RPT-S
CE: 6hr (Live Webinar)

  For more information or to register, visit:

The West Coast Institute for Gestalt Therapy with Children and Adolescents, LLC
Administrative Office
Valente Orozco, LCSW
Administrative Director
723 E. Locust #120
Fresno, CA 93720 USA
(001) (800) 550-0617 ex.2

Training Location
Felicia Carroll, LMFT
Program Director
540 Alisal Rd. Ste. 1
Solvang, CA 93463 USA
(001) (805) 693-9160


Ximo Tárrega, founder and  director  of the Valencia Gestalt Center in Spain , Member, Teacher and Supervisor of AEGT  , author of the book “ De las lagrimas del  paciente a las lagrimas del terapeuta”  will be in São Paulo next November in the following events:

 Friday, Nov 10 -    Lecture: Obsessive-compulsive disorder: a field perspective (online and presential )

Saturday and Sunday , Nov 11 and 12  - Workshop: The role of tenderness in the therapeutic context. In this workshop, Ximo will act as a therapist with participants who volunteer, subsequently commenting on the works, relating them to the theory of self, the principles of phenomenology and field  theory (presential only) 


To learn about Ximo Tárrega's work, watch the live held on: 08/25/21 - "From the patient's tears to the therapist's tears".

Selma Ciornai and Lilian M. Frazão

Team of the project “Expanding Frontiers,”  Gestalt Therapy Department,  Institute Sedes Sapientiae, SP, Brazil

GESTALT STUDIA - Czech Republic


Gianni Francesetti, Michela Gecele, Jan Roubal


Information and registration:

The program is organized in online monthly seminars: lectures followed by discussion in small groups and then by a Q&A (Questions and Answers) session. They critically address the topics from the historical, nosographic and diagnostic perspectives. The phenomenological and Gestalt understanding of every specific suffering is explored. Field theory is the theoretical basis that allows an embedding of the individual suffering into both a biographical and a socio-cultural background.
The first part of the program addresses the main psychopathological forms (that we call weathers), whereas the second part focuses on the personality dimensions and adjustments (that we call landscapes). The seminars of the second part are led by two trainers in order to enrich the presentation from different perspectives.

2. PART 2: Landscapes


The second part explores the intersections of the main personality dimensions with specific clinical sufferings (for example the hysterical dimension and psychosomatics, depression, panic disorder, etc.) and some special clinical situations. When meeting the client, indeed, we find a very complex and unique combination of personality styles, symptoms, ways of being and suffering. It is important not only to know the forms of sufferings (weathers) but also the ways these forms appear in different situations and personalities (landscapes).
Each seminar is led by two trainers.

Topics: From Personality Function to Personality Dimensions and Disorders (and Back) (Sept 13th, 2023) - Narcissistic Dimension (Oct 18th, 2023) - Hysterical Dimension (Nov 8th, 2023) - Schizoid Dimension (Dec 20th, 2023) - Psychopathic Dimension (Jan 24th, 2024) - Borderline Dimension (Feb 28th, 2024) - Landscapes of Fear: Obsessive, Phobic, Panic, Hypochondriac, Dependent Dimensions (Apr 17th, 2024) - When Shame is a Weather (May 15th, 2024) - Suicidal Weather (June 12th, 2024)

Trainers: Gianni Francesetti, Michela Gecele, Jan Roubal

Duration of each seminar: 4 hours, 16.00 – 20.00 CET.

Fee for all the seminars: 820 euros (+VAT 22%)
Fee for each seminar: 130 euros (+VAT 22%)

Information and registration:




May 24th-31st, 2024

Pieve Tesino (Italy)

The residential workshop is a yearly international group, both theoretical and experiential. It addresses psychopathology from the field theory perspective and it is led by the three directors together. From theoretical stimuli, dialogue and experiential work, we explore the growing edges of our understanding of human suffering and growth, in order to support the development of a Field Based Clinical Practice.
In the morning we work all together stimulated by inputs from the trainers, in the afternoon we work in three subgroups, each with a trainer and a different focus: supervision, personal resonances, and development of therapeutic competences. Supervision and discussion of clinical cases are a central part of the methodology, in order to link the theoretical understanding with both personal experiences and professional competences.
The schedule offers the possibility to slow down and pause, to enjoy personal meetings with colleagues from all over the world, to explore the silence and the nature, to appreciate the beauty of the Italian landscapes and cuisine.

Addressed to: Gestalt Therapist and psychotherapists from other modalities, psychologists and psychiatrists, with clinical experience and basic training in psychopathology.

Language: English.

Registration will be open from September 2023





November 17th, 18th, 19th, 2023

Chairs: Susanna Federici, Gianni Francesetti, Michela Gecele, Gianni Nebbiosi

Thinking about trauma in clinical practice seems to be particularly significant today. The relevance of the concept of trauma has shifted widely over the history of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, from the central importance it held at the origin of the disciplines to then become a secondary construct for a long time. In recent decades, it has returned to the fore, becoming one of the most widely used hermeneutic references both for the understanding of psychopathology and for the conceptualisation of therapeutic processes. Its return to the forefront, however, arguably risks suffocating other visions, approaches, and working methodologies in the clinical sphere, oversimplifying the relationship between the complexity of life and psychic suffering.

The conference will explore the topic from a number of different perspectives—historical, cultural, psychopathological, clinical and considering the findings of recent Infant Research, with contributions from many international researchers and clinical practitioners, including Beatrice Beebe.

Speakers: Susanna Federici, Gianni Francesetti, Michela Gecele, Gianni Nebbiosi, Paolo Migone, Bernd Bocian, Beatrice Beebe, Lynne Jacobs, Paolo Stramba-Badiale, Peter Philippson, Jan Roubal, Monica Alvim Botelho, Carlo Carapellese, Dan Bloom, Maria Tammone, Lika Queiroz, Antonino Costanzo, Sandra Toribio Caballero, Giovanni Salonia, Miek van Dongen, Hazel App, Michael Vincent Miller.

Languages: English, Spanish, Ukrainian

Early booking (by November 5th 2023) 212,30 (+VAT) euros
Full ticket (from November 6th 2023) 261,48 (+VAT) euros

Full program and registration:



Published by L'Exprimerie.
Available on:
Also available in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian.


Published by L'Exprimerie.
Available on:
Also available in Italian.

3. Gianni Francesetti, TONINO GRIFFERO, EDS.

Published by Giovanni Fioriti Editore.
Available on:



Supervision, in Gestalt therapy, is the cornerstone of any clinical practice. It is a learning process where trainees and/or mental health professionals reflect on their clinical work experience, indulge in clinical cases, integrate Gestalt theory and practice, work on the organization-therapeutic plan, methodology, interventions, ethical dilemmas, therapeutic relationship and parallel processes.

Supervision is a developmental process that offers to the supervisees the “time” and “space” for orientation, feedback, support, exploration, guidance and creativity both in theoretical, methodological and practical level.

This training program of 245 total hours, is accredited by the E.A.G.T. and fulfills its criteria. Ιt will be conducted in workshops of a total duration of 195 hours plus 50 hours of hypervision.

Τhe program includes:

75 hours of theory and practice of supervision
120 hours of practical/simulation training in the supervision of psychotherapists
50 hours of hypervision in individual or group setting. The participants are required to fulfill individual or group hypervision with certified Gestalt hypervisors in order to obtain the certificate of a Gestalt supervisor. Gestalt Foundation will organize hypervision groups and also provide relevant list of hypervisors.
Presentation of written comprehensive work and evaluation process

Attendance requirements:

Gestalt therapists with five years of experience, members of EAGT or / and NOGT
Gestalt trainers, members of EAGT or / and NOGT
Therapists from other modalities with five-year experience (diploma, membership of associations, letters of recommendation)
CV is required


1st Training Year – 2024

1rst Training Workshop, in person (35 hours)

 Dates: Wednesday 17/1/2024 - Sunday 21/1/2024, 13:00-13:00

 Topic: “Supervision: A Collaborative Endeavor”

Supervision is a process during which supervisor and therapist are collaborating and learning about the client, about the therapy process, and about themselves. This course will present a model of supervision using of multiple lenses, which expand the possibilities for understanding what transpires in both the therapy and the supervisory hour and offers clinical interventions for both.

Included topics: supervision interview and relationship, contract, supervision wheel, issues in supervision, stages of supervision, reflecting teams, and cultural proficiency.

 Coordinator: Estrup Liv
 Facilitator: Hatzilakou Katia - “GestaltTango process”
Facilitator: Balliou Despina - “Creative process” 

Venue: Gestalt Foundations’ offices in Athens, 37 Ipirou Str., 173 41, Ag. Dimitrios.
Visit to Acropolis Museum (optional participation)


 2nd Training Workshop, webinar (14 hours)

 Dates: Saturday 30/03/2024 & Sunday 31/03/2024, 10:00 – 17:00

 Topic: “Issues of diagnosis and psychopathology in supervision”

In this two-part seminar we will explore issues regarding the methods of diagnosis and the varieties of psychopathology as they appear in the supervision setting. Diagnostic maps and aesthetic criteria will be (re)visited as navigational aids in exploring the client-therapist-supervisor field. Continuous education and support in the diagnostic process will be discussed as roles of the supervisor.

 Coordinator: Konstantinidou Antonia


3rd Training Workshop, webinar (14 hours)

 Dates: Saturday 01/06/2024 & Sunday 02/06/2024, 10:00 – 17:00

 Topic: “Issues of diagnosis and psychopathology in supervision”

 Coordinator: Giaglis Giorgos


4rth Training Workshop, in person (35 hours)

 Dates: Wednesday 28/8/2024 - Sunday 01/09/2024, 13:00-13:00

 Topic: “A unitary perspective on the supervision situation”

In this workshop we explore how supervisor and therapist/supervisee, as interdependent part(icipant)s, co-create the supervision situation (or -field) and how they are influenced by the situation they co-create, at the same time. This implies that supervisor and therapist, while the therapist describes the situation with its client, explore the co-created situation, in which therapist and supervisor are situated. Both the situation of the therapist with its client and the situation of the therapist with the supervisor are subject of exploration and awareness. With this unitary field perspective, we bring our attention to the moments when a parallel process appears. When a repetitive and splitting behavior emerges and the unitary field loses its Wholeness. How, in particular, the process of transference and counter-transference can split the Wholeness when it does not come in to awareness. We supervise from a phenomenological attitude. By approaching the phenomena that occur without immediately wanting to understand and grasp them in any theoretical or classifying construction. To remain curious not only about the interpersonal dynamic, but also for the wider social, cultural and political field from which the phenomena present themselves. How this contributes to the created supervision situation. And how the Wholeness can be restored.

 Coordinator: Klaren Guus
 Facilitator: Sadmon Rama
 Facilitator: Giaglis Giorgos
 Venue: Residential in a coastal location, near Thessaloniki, in Chalkidiki.



2nd Training Year – 2025

 1st Training Workshop, in person (35 hours)

 Dates: Wednesday 22/1/2025 - Sunday 26/1/2025, 13:00-13:00

 Topic: “Group Supervision”

Group Supervision is a powerful learning process that through challenges, possibilities and reflections, supervisees gain knowledge and insight on their cases by interacting in a group expanding their clinical experience.

In this workshop, based on Gestalt theory by exploring both the complexities of organizational issues and the emergence of group dynamics, participants will enhance their skills and develop their working professional styles in demonstrating an effective and creative supervision.

Coordinator: Balliou Despina


Topic: “Supervision for Brief Group Gestalt Therapy”

In a constant changing field, in nowadays, short – term group gestalt therapy offers a safe ground for the development of self, personal and social responsibility. In this workshop we will explore the challenges, the possibilities and the appropriate interventions which are emerging in short – term group processes. Additionally, supervision process will focus on therapy plan and methodology, field and phenomenological exploration and paradoxical changing process.

 Coordinator: Yiamarelou Yianna

Topic: “Ethical Aspects of Clinical Supervision”

Supervision is the backbone of professional practice through which the integration of theory and practice become “second nature” for the therapist. In Gestalt therapy the supervisory process is unique in that it is defined as a “co-creation”, namely – the alliance that is gradually emerging, is the focus of observation. Hence Ethics is one of the significant elements of the relationship, which tends to reflect also on the therapeutic relationship. Ethics is a sensibility that needs to developed and nurtured. It is partly cultural-based and mainly rooted in basic Humanistic values, which call for continual examination and self-critic. It entails issues of trust, privacy and loyalty as well as honesty and modesty. Since it is such a challenging aspect of the clinical work – Ethics in supervision is forever a hot topic which responsible clinicians need to cultivate.

Coordinator: Levi Nurith

 Venue: Gestalt Foundations’ offices in Thessaloniki, 109 Mitropoleos Str., 546 22, Thessaloniki.

Visit to Vergina’s Archaeological Site (optional participation)


2nd Training Workshop, webinar (6 hours)

Date: Saturday 26/04/2025, 10:00 – 16:00

Topic: “Supervision for professional groups and organizations”

Gestalt shows a particular interest in the field of O.D. (Organizational Development). Therefore, there is an imperative need for skilled and competent supervisors.

In this workshop, by giving emphasis in the phenomenological approach, we will focus on: the understanding of the professional and organizational environment and its specific features, the particular needs of professionals / members of organizations as well as their supervisors and the requisite skills for any supervisor supporting individual professionals and professional groups.

 Coordinator: Stamatis George


3rd Training Workshop, webinar (8 hours)

Date: Sunday 27/04/2025, 10:00 – 18:00

Topic: “Super – Vision Art”

Supervision process is an artistic co – creation between supervisor, therapist and client. In this workshop we will explore in a creative and artistic way our possibilities in the supervision field.

Coordinator: Hatzilakou Katia


4th Training Workshop, webinar (14 hours)

 Dates: Saturday 28/06/2025 & Sunday 29/06/2025, 10:00 – 17:00

Topic: “Supervising a Gestalt child therapist: Transforming the symptom from medical to psychotherapeutic”

In this workshop we will work on some preliminary statements as well as cases which may serve as a point of departure for further considerations of a supervision training program for Gestalt child therapists. The workshop will include basic principles of Gestalt theory and practice serving as a ground for developing common meeting places between a Gestalt child therapist and a supervisor as well as between a Gestalt child therapist and a child/family. Will be discussed questions such as what is the reason to listen to, what are the places and times of a request, what is the history of the trauma, what words and how does the body use them to express a symptom, what toys and objects were used in the session and finally which dialogues started? All participants will learn how to be supervisee following not a strict protocol, the technics and the experiments will be malleable, the framework flexible and their invention will always be active.

Coordinator: Orfanou Antigoni


5th Training Workshop, webinar & in person (35 hours)

 Dates: Wednesday 17/09/2025 - Sunday 21/09/2025, 13:00-13:00

 Webinar Workshop

 Date: Wednesday 17/09/2025, 17:00-21:00

 Topic: “Relational gestalt therapy as a restoration of dignity”

In Gestalt therapy we have explored lately different aspects of shame and how to become resilient to it. The right to express, to love and to be loved, to belong and the right to choose are helping the patient to restore dignity in the therapeutic process. We will define how the relationship between patient and therapist, supervisee and supervisor, can be an important tool in the path towards dignity.

 Lecturer: Tur Valverde Guy Pierre


In person Workshop

 Topic: “Presentation of Written Comprehensive Work and Evaluation Process”

Coordinators: Balliou Despina, Hatzilakou Katia, Yiamarelou Yianna, Diplas George



Balliou Despina, M.Sc. Counseling Psychology, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Trainer & Supervisor, ECP holder (European Certificate of Psychotherapy). Member of EAGT’s Training Standards Committee (European Association for Gestalt Therapy). Founding Member of HAGT (Hellenic Association for Gestalt Therapy).

Diplas George, PgD in PCA Counseling, Gestalt therapist, trainer and supervisor, EAGT member (European Association for Gestalt Therapy), ECP holder and member of the Hellenic Association for Gestalt Therapy (HAGT).

Giaglis George, M.D., M. Sc, Ph.D. He holds a degree and a Ph.D. in Medicine, A.U.Th. Specialized in neurology and subspecialized in neuropsychiatry. He holds a degree and a Ph.D. in Psychology, A.U.Th. Four Master's Degrees in Medical Research Technology, in Statistics, in Cognitive Psychology & Neuropsychology and in Adult Education. Gestalt therapist, supervisor and trainer, member of EAGT & HAGT. He has been trained also in Schema Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy. He has a private practice, is a guest lecturer in two postgraduate programs, and is a member of various research groups. He is a basic trainer of Gestalt Foundation and a workshop instructor.

Hatzilakou Katia, M.Sc. Clinical & Social Psychology (A.U.Th.). Gestalt Psychotherapist, Trainer & Supervisor, member of EAGT (ex-Chair of NOGT and External Relation of EAGT) and the National Psychotherapy Company of Greece. ECP holder (European Certificate of Psychotherapy). Founding member of the Hellenic Association for Gestalt Therapy (HAGT).

Klaren Guus (the Netherlands), EAGT accredited Gestalt therapist, international Gestalt trainer and -supervisor and Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations. He provides Gestalt supervision to students in Gestalt training, to Gestalt practitioners in private practices and the wider field of social- and mental healthcare. Both individually and group supervision. Guus is past president of the Dutch Flemish Association of Gestalt Therapy and Theory (NVAGT)and past chair of the Human Rights and Social Responsibility Committee of EAGT.

Konstantinidou Antonia, M.Sc. Clinical & Social Psychology (A.U.Th.). Gestalt Psychotherapist, Trainer & Supervisor, member of EAGT and the National Psychotherapy Company of Greece. ECP holder (European Certificate of Psychotherapy). Founding member and ex-President & Representative of the Hellenic Association for Gestalt Therapy (HAGT).

Levi Nurith, Ph. D., Gestalt Psychotherapist, specialized in supervision and family therapy. Professor Emeritus at Tel Aviv and Be'er Sheba Universities, Beit Berl College, Clinical Advisor to the National Council of Child Protection. Chair of Training Standards Committee of EAGT.

Orfanou Antigoni, Educational Psychologist (Μ. Sc. Professional Training in Educational Psychology), Psychotherapist and Gestalt supervisor, Member of EAGT and Member of the Hellenic Association of Gestalt Therapy (HAGT). She has worked as a scientific associate and researcher in Psychotherapy Centres in Athens, Thessaloniki and Piraeus, as School counselor in Prefectural institutions, as an Educational Psychology lecturer for teachers and school staff, as Psycotherapist in programmes supporting Romani women, autistic children and sexually abused children in UK and Greece. She has followed a training programm in psyco-somatic therapy in Ruella Frank's Center for Somatic Studies, and is currently monitoring and supervising families with babies up to 1,5 years old of age. She is based in Alimos, Athens since 1996.

Sadmon Rama, MSc Social & Clinical Psychology, Gestalt Psychotherapist & Supervisor. She works with adults both individually and in groups. She collaborates with Gestalt Foundation, Psychotherapy & Training Center, as a supervisor both for individuals and for groups (W.M.C.A.). Member of EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Therapy) and founding member of the Hellenic Association for Gestalt Therapy (HAGT).

Stamatis George, O.D. Consultant, Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations (GPO), trainer and supervisor. He has studied Law (B.A.), Marketing (H.S.D.) and Adult Education (M.Ed.). He graduated the Gestalt in Organizations 4-years Advanced Level Program of the Gestalt Foundation, Greece. He worked from high level managerial positions in Greek and multinational corporations in the fields of Marketing, Sales and Communication. He organized and taught at many training seminars in several European countries. He has been a lecturer at the Athens University of Business and Economics, as well in M.B.A. classes at the University of N. York in Prague and the University of N. York in Tirana. He works as Gestalt in Organizations coach, trainer and supervisor and he is the coordinator of the Gestalt Coaching in Business & Organizations Cycle of workshops of Gestalt Foundation, Greece. He authored 18 books, including “the Art of Change. Gestalt: a different approach for Organizations” with co-authors F. Meulmeester and I. Rizou.

Tur Valverde Guy Pierre, Painter and Gestalt therapist working in Mexico City. Trainer at the Instituto Humanista de Psicoterapia Gestalt Mexico City since 1996. He is also invited as a trainer in several Gestalt Institute of the world like Europe and South America. He actualizes himself yearly at the Pacific Gestalt Institute of Los Angeles since 2012. He is also specialized in working in a relational perspective of Gestalt Therapy and the field of aesthetics as a therapeutic tool. Founder of COCREARTE MEXICO, a space for development of creativity (in 2010). As a painter he started to exhibit in 1975 in France and had several collective and individual exhibitions in Europe, United States and Latin America.

Yiamarelou Yianna, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Trainer & Supervisor, ECP holder (European Certificate of Psychotherapy). Member of EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Therapy). Founding member of HAGT (Hellenic Association for Gestalt Therapy).



Language: English

Since the coordinators are distinguished Gestalt psychotherapists, invited from various countries, the registration should be finalized by 10/12/2023.

Registration commits the participant to mandatory attend all the workshops,
αny absences do not affect the cost of participation.

The number of participants is limited, so priority will be strictly followed. In order to secure your registration, it is necessary to proceed with the advance payment, which is non-refundable.

In case of cancellation for any reason by the Gestalt Foundation, all amounts paid are refunded.



Payment terms:

advance payment*: 500€, until 31/12/2023
1st payment installment: 700€, until 31/03/2024
2nd payment installment: 700€, until 30/06/2024
3rd payment installment: 700€, until 31/12/202
4th payment installment: 700€, until 30/06/2025

Participation fee does not include accommodation & food expenses


For any further information, please contact:

Gestalt Foundation-Athens

Monday- Friday 10:00-18:00

37, Ipirou str., 173 41, Agios Dimitrios

Τel: +30 210 72 54 010



The Hypnotherapy Training Institute is offering our final hypnotherapy certification training of the year starting September 30. These comprehensive programs have a special emphasis on the integration of Gestalt and hypnotic modalities. They are experientially oriented, including demonstrations, group processes and supervised practice. The additional access to the subconscious mind via the skillful, sensitive use of a wide range of hypnotic methods can create powerful synergies with Gestalt. In fact, many Gestalt methods tend to be hypnotic, which is one of the reasons Gestalt can be so effective.

The classes meet just outside San Francisco, California at the lovely Corte Madera Inn, ten minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge. They are designed for experienced and prospective counseling and health professionals from throughout the United States and other countries.

The accelerated intensive starting September 30 is four consecutive levels of 50 hours per week. These comprehensive classes draw students from various states and countries each semester. You are welcome to sign up for just the first week or two.

You are welcome to sign up for our free introductory Zoom meeting on September 12. But the classes meet in person because our intimate live hypnotherapy demonstrations and supervised practice is crucial, giving value far beyond what could be accomplished online. Our comprehensive transpersonal classes guide participants to become responsible and effective hypnotherapists that work sensitively and comprehensively with underlying issues. With safety in mind, we have carefully committed to smaller classes and some physical distancing, while augmenting open windows with a high-end air filter in class.

Celebrating 45 years in the field, the Hypnotherapy Training Institute is approved for hypnotherapy certification by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and for various CE credits for professionals including by the CA State Board of Registered Nursing and by the Board of Behavioral Sciences for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs and LEPs.

HTI's founder and primary instructor is Randal Churchill, author of three teaching texts for professionals. His classic Regression Hypnotherapy (now updated in a 2nd Edition) is primarily about the integration of age regression and Gestalt, as is the companion volume, Catharsis in Regression Hypnotherapy, which has received an extraordinary review from Robert Hall MD, former associate of Fritz Perls. Churchill's award-winning text, Become the Dream: The Transforming Power of Hypnotic Dreamwork, is about the integration of Gestalt dreamwork and hypnotherapy. Information about the three books is featured at

Details about HTI's programs are at our website, and in our free 45th Anniversary Course Brochure, which can be downloaded at the website or obtained by emailing or calling 1-800-256-6448 toll-free (within the USA, Canada and Caribbean countries) or +1-707-579-9023 (International calls).


Sanando el Trauma en el Camino a la Recuperación: Introducción

Conferencia gratuita introductoria para el taller de 6 módulos que se centra en una comprensión más profunda de la relación entre la adicción y el trauma, a través del marco de la Psicoterapia Gestalt para apoyar las experiencias de curación. Y enfatizará el uso del modelo de trauma Gestalt Compasivo/Relacional. Apoyar a los clientes en el desarrollo de su capacidad para explorar el límite de contacto y construir nuevas experiencias que puedan crear la oportunidad de sanar.  En este contexto, sanar es la capacidad de permitir que el dolor sea experimentado y procesado y, eventualmente, darse cuenta de que el dolor termina.

Para ver más detalles y reservar tu lugar presiona aquí.


Sábado14 de Octubre

    San Diego/Tijuana (PDT) 8 am
    Ciudad de México (CDT) 9 am
    Bogotá (COT) 10 am
    Cancún (EST) 10 am
    Santiago (CLT) 11 am
    New York (EDT) 11 am
    Buenos Aires (ART) 12 pm
    London (BST) 4 pm
    Madrid (CEST) 5 pm

Sanando el Trauma en el Camino a la Recuperación:
Un enfoque Gestalt Compasivo/Relacional


Los eventos traumáticos en la trayectoria de vida dan forma a la autopercepción y visón del mundo, impactando directamente las relaciones, las habilidades de afrontamiento, la autoestima, etc. Desafortunadamente, una forma común e inicialmente efectiva de manejar el impacto del trauma y adaptarse al mundo es a través de comportamientos adictivos.  Proporcionan alivio temporal y anestesian el dolor emocional y relacional.

El enfoque de este taller es proporcionar una comprensión más profunda de la relación entre la adicción y el trauma, el papel del sistema nervioso, las experiencias adversas de la infancia, la teoría polivagal y la aplicación de este conocimiento a través del marco de la Psicoterapia Gestalt para apoyar las experiencias de curación. Y enfatizará el uso del modelo de trauma Gestalt Compasivo/Relacional. Apoyar a los clientes en el desarrollo de su capacidad para explorar el límite de contacto y construir nuevas experiencias que puedan crear la oportunidad de sanar.  En este contexto, sanar es la capacidad de permitir que el dolor sea experimentado y procesado y, eventualmente, darse cuenta de que el dolor termina.

El taller está dividido en 6 módulos de 3-horas por medio de zoom.

En cada módulo incluye Presentación didáctica, modelaje y práctica.


    4 de noviembre Módulo 1: Comprender el trauma y la adicción desde una perspectiva gestalt.  
    11 de noviembre Módulo 2: Evaluación y regulación del sistema nervioso.
    2 de diciembre Módulo 3: Desarrollo de recursos y apoyo a la sobriedad temprana.
    16 de diciembre  Módulo 4: Modelo de tratamiento Parte 1.
    30 de diciembre  Módulo 5: Modelo de tratamiento Parte 2.
    6 de septiembre Módulo 6: Grupos, parejas y trabajo familiar.

*Todos los módulos serán grabados y estarán disponibles para ver para los participantes durante y después de la capacitación.
    San Diego/Tijuana (PDT) 8 am
    Ciudad de México (CDT) 9 am
    Bogotá (COT) 10 am
    Cancún (EST) 10 am
    Santiago (CLT) 11 am
    New York (EDT) 11 am
    Buenos Aires (ART) 12 pm
    London (BST) 4 pm
    Madrid (CEST) 5 pm


El costo de todo el programa (6 módulos) es de $ 400 USD. Oferta de admisión anticipada de $ 200 USD (No se necesita cupón) si se inscribe antes del 28 de octubre.  El espacio es limitado para permitir espacio virtual para el contacto.


Rafael Cortina es un terapeuta bilingüe (inglés-español). Tiene más de 20 años de experiencia trabajando con individuos, parejas, familias y grupos. Rafael es Maestro en Adicciones, Profesional Certificado en Trauma Clínico, Terapeuta Gestalt Certificado y Terapeuta Certificado de Parejas Gestalt. Tiene capacitación especializada en EMDR, TRM, tratamiento de adicciones y trabajo de trauma. Actualmente es miembro adjunto de la facultad en la National Universidad y editor/miembro de la junta directiva del InternationalAssociation of Advancement in Gestalt Therapy.

Tiene experiencia trabajando con trastornos del estado de ánimo (depresión y bipolar), trastornos de ansiedad, adicción, problemas de duelo y pérdida, diagnóstico dual (abuso de sustancias y un trastorno de salud mental), trabajo de trauma, clientes LGBTQ+, asesoramiento sobre VIH/SIDA, trabajo con sueños, terapia de pareja y psicoterapia orientada a la Gestalt. Como presentador y facilitador de varios talleres, capacitaciones, conferencias, conferencias internacionales y supervisión, virtual y presencial, en México, Estados Unidos, Australia, Canadá, África, Asia y Europa.

Para inscribirte presiona aquí

Para más información presiona aquí


Inspirational and Practical:  Eighteen short free online articles by Victor Daniels describing methods especially useful in Fritz Perls’ original empty chair dialogue approach, now sometimes referred to as “classical gestalt therapy” and still practiced by Erv Polster and others, especially throughout Latin America.

Many of these brief pieces, such as “Gestalt Dream Work,” describe methods  that are equally useful in  dialogical-relational work.

Also at the website — lecture notes on early Gestalt psychology, Field theory, and related existential, phenomenological, humanistic, and transpersonal approaches. And many photos of some past gestalt conferences.  All at:

Also, there’s a stunningly-illustrated book-length exposition of how to use visual imagery in gestalt work (or almost any kind of psychotherapy) by Victor Daniels and Kooch N, Daniels shown at:

The images shown in the book are Tarot card pictures, but the methods described can be used with  any collection of images you wish, from any culture or subculture in the world.  (The first half of the book is meant explicitly for psychotherapists and counselors, and the second half for Tarot readers. If you want to moonlight as a fortune-teller, here’s your guide!)

= = = = = =

Victor Daniels, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor, Sonoma State University


Hi, Friends. My life-space mapping workshop in this year's online virtual Gestalt conference, based in both Gestalt Therapy and Kurt Lewin's Field Theory, was well received, so I've posted a detailed description and notes for it on my website, at  It has everything you need to integrate the process into your work. Or if you prefer to just read the concepts and make use of them in some entirely different way of your own, that's all right too. Enjoy!

Victor Daniels

A Child's Eye View: Gestalt Therapy with Children, Adolescents and Their Families
by Ruth Lampert

Don't miss this book for Child and adolescent therapists (and those who love them)

A Child's Eye View is so well written it deserves two readings - the first to enjoy the author's ability to tell a story full of the interest and excitement that can be found working with developing youth. She shares her own doubts and mistakes as touchstones for learning while letting her wit and self deprecation sparkle through the pages. A second reading will allow you to focus on the wealth of material here for the child and adolescent therapist - material that includes insights into troubled children and their families coupled with specific approaches and techniques for the helping them cope with the diverse variety of problems facing them. It belongs on your bookshelf where you can view it as a trusted colleague - there to be consulted when you find yourself confronted by a therapeutic challenge and could use some advice and counsel. - Joe Wysong, Founder & Editor, The Gestalt Journal

The author, Ruth Lampert, M.A., is a writer and psychotherapist. She has been practicing Gestalt therapy for over three decades. A California licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Los Angeles, she has taught in educational and clinical settings in the United States and Europe, from pre-school to University level. She is a graduate of the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Los Angeles.



A Workshop for Psychotherapists, Coaches, Consultants, and other Professionals
This workshop teaches GISC’s powerful approach to working with clients and client systems: The Cape Cod Model©. It is designed as an introduction for those unfamiliar with the model but can also be useful as further learning for those who have previous experience using this methodology. All participants will increase their ability to create effective interventions necessary to support change and growth while they develop personally and professionally.
Dates: June 14-16, 2023
Faculty: Lucy Ball, BAHons, Nancy Rutkowski, PhD, LCSW, PCC
CE Hours: 15


See how Gestalt-oriented facilitation can enable transformational results with the groups you engage
During this program, you'll be introduced to some key Gestalt principles and concepts, and will explore how to apply them in group settings.
You will learn how to use these principles and frameworks to transform your facilitation practice. The skills you learn will enable you to work with groups of all sizes, supporting them to work more effectively and to harness both individual and collective potential to achieve the group's desired outcomes.

Dates:  Fridays: August 11-25, 2023
Faculty: Shanaaz Majiet, MPhil, MCC, and Michael Randel, MSc, CPF

CE Hours: 4.25 Core Competency and 4 Resource Development Hours



Working one-on-one

In this program, learn to use the competency perspective and structured feedback techniques of the Cape Cod Model© as powerful coaching tools. You will practice extensively and receive personalized feedback from faculty and peers during supervised coaching sessions. Designed for clinically or organizationally trained individuals working as coaches as well as for those considering a move into coaching, this program offers a powerful approach that delivers profound results for your clients and can differentiate your practice in a competitive marketplace.

Dates: September 11-14, 2023
Faculty: Stuart Simon, LICSW, MCC
Additional faculty drawn from: Jacqueline Sherman, PCC
CE Hours: 14 ICF Core Competency Hours and 6 Resource Development Hours

This peer-reviewed journal provides a worldwide forum for exchanges in Gestalt theory and practice at all levels of system: the individual, couples, families, groups, organizations, and the community. Published twice a year, it includes articles on politics, philosophy, gender, and culture, as well as book reviews and reflections. It is targeted to Gestalt theorists and therapists, Organizational Development professionals, psychologists, social workers, clinicians, counselors, educators, and the community-at-large



Dan Bloom, JD, LCSW

    220 West 15th St,
    New York, NY10011
    01 212 674 0404 (voice, DM, WhatsAp)

Supervision � individual and group:

Online supervision for individual and group gestalt psychotherapy.   I currently have openings in my online supervision groups.
I am an EAGT accredited supervisor.

Webinars offered on a regular basis:

PHG: The Theory of Reference for Gestalt Therapy from a Field-Emergent Perspective

The original 1951 theory in Gestalt Therapy, Excitement and Growth by Perls, Hefferline, and Goodman has served us well. It has been central to gestalt therapy. It is showing its age. Is it still useful?

This 8-session 90 minute  webinar critically examines this original theory and presents it as the theory of reference for contemporary field-emergent gestalt therapy. Webinar members can expect to learn this original theory as we challenge its orthodoxy.

Special focus is on the theory of self, sequence of contacting, the contact-boundary and the organism/environment field.   

The PHG model is compared and contrasted with various contemporary approaches. The intentionality of contacting, the aesthetic criterion, the qualities of contacting, relationality are some of the current concepts that are considered.

We see that a significant and radical gestalt therapy approach emerges from a critical engagement with the original theory.

Application of these perspectives to our actual clinical work is an essential part of this online webinar. Members are encouraged to bring clinical examples into the discussion.

The webinar is both didactic and interactive.
Readings are downloadable.  Each meeting is recorded for future viewing.
The fee is $650 USD.  It meets every 3 weeks,
Contact me at
Information about me is on my website,

Introduction to Phenomenology for Gestalt Therapists:

This 8-session, 90-minute webinar explores gestalt therapy as a clinical phenomenology. To fully grasp the implication of this approach, this webinar  offers a survey selected major Western phenomenologist.

The webinar introduces some of the ideas of Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Levinas, and Waldenfels and shows how each is reflected in and is  useful for our own clinical phenomenology � a relational and field-emergent approach.

The webinar consistently focuses on concrete and practical clinical work.

Readings include original sources in phenomenology and in gestalt therapy.
Each meeting is recorded for future viewing.

The fee is $650 USD. It meets once a month.

Contact me at
Information about me is on my website,

Just as an individual can lose their connection to their body, a form of Psychotherapy, i.e. Gestalt therapy can lose its embodiment in it's own theory; losing the gravitational field in its own theory.

 We thank Daniel Schiff for bringing us back to what is important:



Daniel Schiff PHD
Somatic Psychotherapy Training Institute - PNW

In May of 2022 I gave a talk on the relationship between Wilhelm Reich and Fritz Perls and the influence of Reich upon the development of Gestalt Therapy. I recently included a link to that presentation on my website.  If the topic is of interest to you the link is available at - Learning Center: Audio/Video Presentations.

If you have an opportunity to see it I welcome any and all feedback.

Daniel Schiff
Somatic Psychotherapy Training Institute - PNW


See also the books by Edward W.L. Smith: there are many, here are three:

Embodied Gestalt Practice: Selected Papers of Edward W. L. Smith

Sexual Aliveness: A Reichian Gestalt Perspective

The Body in Psychotherapy

Edward W.L. Smith, Ph.D. is a “therapist’s therapist” — a teacher, trainer, mentor and author — whose writings from 1972 - 2009, capture the essence of Gestalt therapy’s contribution to psychotherapeutic practice — the embodied patient. From Freud and Reich, to Nietzsche and Schopenhauer, to Perls and Polster — projection and retroflection, contact boundary disturbances, awe and terror in insight and expression, the meaning of the person of the therapist, and working with the client’s breathing and posture — the essays and articles in this book incorporate Gestalt theory, applications, history and philosophical roots, yet they never leave the consulting room. Students, trainees and seasoned therapists alike will find themselves stimulated and energized in their work with clients.

See also:

The Historical Roots of Gestalt Therapy Theory

Rosemarie Wulf

"I would like to give you an idea of the cultural and historical situation that is the Zeitgeist (the spirit of the time) that prevailed during the lifetimes of the founders of Gestalt therapy."

" Fritz and Laura Perls had undergone psychoanalytic training first in Berlin and later in Frankfurt and Vienna. Fritz started with Karen Horney and then went on to Wilhelm Reich, while Frieda Fromm-Reichmann was one of Laura's training analysts.

Despite the criticism of Freud's and the later revision of psychoanalysis, we see their influence in the theory of Gestalt therapy. Recently, there has been an interest in similarities and especially their practical application more than the differences at the metaphysical level. In spite of the fact that Freud failed to acknowledge Perls' work, Perls himself considered Freud's discoveries extremely valuable.

From Karen Horney and Wilhelm Reich, Perls adopted a less detached and more active therapeutic stance as well as their environment-oriented view of the genesis of neurosis. Perls shared with Karen Horney the mutual roots of the Bohemian Berlin area as well a passion for the theater and a holistic view in therapy that led them both to work with the patient as a whole person and to the study of Zen-Buddhism With Reich, Perls later experiences a breath and body oriented approach and differentiated method of working on resistance. Attention is given to the stylistic components of communication (mime, gesture, body language) as the elucidator of the patient's resistances. The focus on "how" rather than "why" in the therapeutic process is also a Reichian emphasis. Many similarities can also be found in their socio-political leanings."

See complete article here:




Register online or call 216-421-0468

Ethical Dilemmas Faced by Marriage and Family Therapists from a Gestalt Perspective (In-Person)

Dates: Friday, September 15, 2023
Times: 9:00am - 12:00pm ET
Location: Online
Tuition: $150.00
Continuing Education (CEs): 3 CE Hours
Faculty: Alan Federman, MA and Martina Moore, LPCCS, Ph.D.
Register online or call 216-421-0468

Embodied Intelligence and Presence: A Gestalt Approach to Coming to Your Senses (In-Person)

In-Person Workshop
Date: September 17, 2023
Time: 9:00am - 4:30pm ET
Tuition: $200.00
Continuing Education: 5 GPCC™ CCEs and 5 Core Competency ICF CCEs, 5 CEs (counseling & social work psychologists)
Location: Pebble Ledge Ranch, 9796 Cedar Road, Novelty, OH 44072
Faculty: Jackie Stevenson, MSSA, LISW, BCC, GPCC™
Register online or call 216-421-0468

A Gestalt Approach to Working with Groups and Teams - Module 1 (In-Person)

In-Person Workshop
Dates: September 18 - 22, 2023
Times: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Monday - Friday
Tuition: $2,500
Continuing Education, CCE hours: 28
Faculty: Mary Ann Kraus PsyD, Shareefah Sabur MA, J.Rick Day PhD, Jacqueline McLemore PhD, and Andrew Powell MA

GIC Coaching Certification Program 2023-2024 (Online)

The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland’s (GIC) ICF-Accredited Coaching Certification Program is designed to strengthen your coaching knowledge and skills, while deepening your understanding of powerful Gestalt principles by learning the Gestalt Coaching Stance™.

Session 1: October 13-14 and October 20-22, 2023
Session 2: November 10-11 and November 17-19, 2023
Session 3: December 8-9 and December 15-17, 2023
Session 4: January 12-13 and January 19-21, 2024
Session 5: February 9-10 and February 16-18, 2024
Session 6: March 8-9 and March 15-17, 2024
Exams: April and May 2024

Embodied Mindfulness: A Gestalt Way of Being (Online)

Seven, two day sessions
October 2023 - May 2024
Fridays, 1:00 - 6:00 pm ET USA, Saturdays, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm ET USA
Tuition: $ 3,000; $2,775 early-bird - use promo code - EMBODIED, through October 7, 2023
Continuing Education (CE): 77 CEs total                                                                                                             
Location: Online
Faculty: Philip R. Belzunce, PhD, DD. IMFT, BCPP, BCC, Lalei E. Gutierrez, PhD, IMFT, BCPP, BCC, Rosanna O. Zavarella, PhD, BCC

Healing Trauma in the Path of Recovery: A Compassionate/Relational Gestalt Approach (In-Person)

Tuition: $375.00
Early bird $350.00, use promo code HEALING through September 28, 2023
Dates: October 28 & 29 2023
Times: Saturday: 9:00am - 5:30pm ET US, Sunday: 9:00am - 5:30pm ET US (with 1 1/2 hour break)
Location: In-Person
Continuing Education: 14 CEs
Facilitator: Rafael Cortina, LMFT, MBA, MAC, CCTP

Relational Team Coaching (Online)

Dates: November 2-3, 9-10, 16-17, 2023
Times: 10:00am - 4:00pm ET US, each day
Tuition: $2000.00
Early Bird: Discount available thru October 2, pay only $1800.00 Use code:  RELATION
Continuing Coach Education (CCE): 30 GPCC™ Hours, 25 Core Competency ICF CCEs, 5 Resource Development ICF CCEs
Location: Online

Andy Powell, MA, GPCC™, PCC, ICF Advanced Team Coaching, EMCC Global Accredited Team Coach
Juliann Spoth, MSN, PhD, MCC, GPCC™, BCC , EMCC Global Accredited Team Coach
Jacqueline McLemore, PhD
Elizabeth Welch, MA, CDP, GPCC™
Michelle McGregor, MSOD, ACC, BCC, GPCC™
Steve Davis, MA, LPCC

DSP: Developing Kinesthetic Knowing, Nov 2023 (Online)

Location: Online
Dates: November 4-5, 2023
Times: Saturday, 12:00-6:00 ET, Sunday, 12:00-6:00 ET
Tuition: $420.00
Discount available through October 6th, pay only $370.00 Use code: DSPNOV
Continuing Education, this workshop offers both: (CE): 10 and (ICF CCE): 10
Faculty:  Jennifer Bury, BFA, CMT, Certified Trainer & Supervisor in DSP™, Visiting Faculty

A Gestalt Approach to Working with Groups and Teams - Module 2 (In-Person)

In-Person Program
January 29 - February 2, 2024 (Monday-Friday)
Tuition: $2500
Early Bird Discount: $200, pay by December 18, 2023 use code: MODULE2
Continuing Education: 28 CCEs
Location: Berea, OH (near Cleveland)
Faculty: Mary Ann Kraus PsyD, Shareefah Sabur MA, J.Rick Day PhD, Jacqueline McLemore PhD, and Andrew Powell MA

Experimenting with Experiments (Online)

February 20-21 & 27-28, 2024
Tuition: $780.00
Early Bird: Discount available thru January 20th, pay only $730.00

Melissa S. Kelly-McCabe, MS, MCC, BCC, GPCC™
Michelle McGregor, MSOD, ACC, BCC, GPCC™
Tuesday and Wednesday, 12:45 - 4:00 pm ET USA
Continuing Education (CCE): 12 Core Competency hours, 2 Resource Development hours, 12 GPCC CCEs

Gestalt Personal Growth Group (In-Person)

Dates: Tuesday Evenings, on-going
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm ET USA
Location: In-Person
Tuition $95/month

Register online or call 216-421-0468



A Gestalt Integrative Framework for Couple Therapy

This couple therapy training program is created to support therapists in working with a field that is recognized as the most demanding therapeutic situation.

Module 1: The Therapeutic Relationship, A Relational Process Method (3 days)
Module 2: A Gestalt Integrative Framework for Couple Therapy (3 days)
Module 3: Traumatised Couples, Intimacy and Autonomy (4 days)

November 17-19, 2023
February 15-17, 2024
March 14-17, 2024

Trainer: Vibeke Visnes, Dr. Psych, Gestalt Therapist, supervisor and trainer at the Norwegian Gestalt Institute. In her doctoral work Vibeke has created a Gestalt framework for couple therapy based on theory-building case study methodology. For more information about the program:

Organizer: Gestalt Center Budapest, The program is held in-person in Budapest
Application deadline: September 30, 2023 (Group size: 12 people. Limited places available)
Fee of the whole program (10 days): 1350 EUR




Welcome to another NYIGT season!

Please see below our 2023–2024 schedule. The offerings include a wide array of topics and a special winter event.

Also, new and exciting, our Emergent Events – three occasions for NYIGT members that will emerge from the interest and excitement of the community over the course of the year.

All meetings will take place on Sundays, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. New York time, and will include Zoom; some will experiment with a hybrid format.

To learn more about NYIGT and for program details and updates, please visit

Feel free to contact us at

NYIGT Teaching and Learning Program 2023–2024

October 15: Olivier Winghart ~ The Zen of Gestalt Therapy
November 12: Lee Zevy ~ Gender Fluidity: A Modern Revolution in Today's World
  December 3: Emergent Event #1 (for members)
  December 17: Perry Klepner ~ Reading Gestalt Therapy: Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality
January 14: WINTER SPECIAL EVENT ~ Maciek Lukaszewicz and Claire Spiller ~ Encountering Artificial Intelligence: Exploring a Phenomenology of Embodied Experience
February 11: Ruella Frank ~ Exploring Subverbal Interactions in Everyday Life and in Therapy: Gestures and Their Meanings
March 3: Emergent Event #2 (for members)
March 24: James Battaglia ~ Aging, Illness, and Loss: Being a Fully Human Therapist
  April 14: Jon Blend ~ A Gestalt Approach to Working with Children and Adolescents
May 5: Emergent Event #3 (for members)
May 19: Chiara Sovegni ~ The Street, Between Oikos and Polis: The Political Dimension of Caring




For Gestalt therapists living in or refugees from Ukraine. Groups meet weekly, no fee. 
Contact Perry Klepner for further information at:
 Description:  Members explore their personal experience as well as with clients, partners,children, and other loved ones suffering the effects of war's  displacement and loss of supportive ground.   Grieving, anger, fear, sadness as well as laughter, humor, resolve, courage and loving support among members. Gestalt Therapy is discussed supporting and illuminating the here, now and next of living with resilience and hope.

    Gestalt Therapy: Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality,
    by Perls, Hefferline and Goodman
    A Once-Monthly Internet Study Group

  led by Perry Klepner, C.S.W.,
  Fellow, Member, The New York Institute For Gestalt Therapy

PHG, Gestalt Therapy's foundational text, sets out to make a comprehensive statement of human experience and a radical approach to psychotherapy. It draws on western culture referencing various fields of philosophy, aesthetics, psychology, education, anthropology, sociology, education, and community

In the "old days" PHG was taught and studied line-by-line, by New York Institute (NYIGT) founders. This study group will walk in their path and innovate an experiential process group approach. It will include members group, personal and professional work experiences in a collegial group process to support members’ immediate experience while clarifying the text so it can be understood, appreciated and related to practice and recent innovations. Proceeding in this unified way this foundational presentation of the theory of "Excitement and Growth In The Human Personality" can be understood, enlivened and participants can develop their own "Gestaltist" perspective, talents, and strengths.

PHG is a seminal presentation with many rich opportunities for learning illuminating GT’’s founding rational as well as human psychological experience. While there are many excellent GT texts, it presents a unique perspective. And, also, it is dense with not well-known references and by many accounts is difficult to understand. Isadore From, called the Dean of Gestalt Therapists and teacher alongside Fritz and Laura Perls, used to say it was meant to be a tutored text. Indeed, many NYIGT members and others learned it that way. I have found it provoking new ideas and experience and at times, a meditative contemplation. I have used it to ground and orient my work in day-to-day practice, a source for research as well as providing a basis for understanding current GT discussions and new ideas.

The PHG presentation can be an experiential, experimental study that systematically explores varied human experience and provides opportunity for the reader to explore her/his experience in a holistic GT framework. Goodman’s contributions as a writer, poet, dramatist, analyst, philosopher, sociologist, teacher allows the opportunity for a creative integrative process of theory with experience. Members emerging experience, personal, case and professional experiences and theoretical views can contribute to construct a rich learning tapestry. We often stop every couple of sentences to chew content with personal experiences we are having. I think the group experience brings a support not otherwise available and contributes members finding their own voices as a GT practitioners.

I began teaching PHG in conferences and Institute settings. In recent years I’ve utilized line-by-line small, intimate process groups of up to 10 members that are ongoing and long term. My approach going forward is to offer another group every three years. There is now opportunity for new persons to join ongoing groups. The groups vary reading different portions of the text. Contact me for details and options for beginning, intermediate and advanced groups. Members attend in-person and via the Internet.



2023 GPTI Conference “GSRD: Understanding, Embodying, Resonating”

We are delighted to announce the keynote speaker for the 2023 GPTI Conference “GSRD: Understanding, Embodying, Resonating” will be Vikram Kolmannskog

Nottingham 15th-17th September 2023

Keynote Speaker:  Vikram Kolmannskog
Vikram Kolmannskog is a professor at the Norwegian Gestalt Institute University College and teaches at Gestalt and psychotherapy institutes internationally. He is the author of several books, including The Empty Chair – Tales from Gestalt Therapy (Routledge 2018), and a number of articles published in the British Gestalt Journal. He has recently contributed to, and co-edited, Queering Gestalt Therapy (Routledge 2023). Also available on Routledge

On the Saturday of the conference, Vikram will present his keynote speech and lead a related experiential activity on aspects of our conference, and will also stay for other parts of the conference. We look forward to welcoming his warmth, playfulness, and insight to enhance our exploration of gender, sexuality and relationship diversity. For further information about Vikram please follow this link:

To book click here, or copy and paste the following into your browser:

Conference information
Building on the One-Day conference in Lancaster, we will be exploring this important theme of identity and diversity by talking – and also to get beyond the words, to the lived and embodied experience. What does GSRD mean for:
• our clients
• therapists and supervisors
• members of the gestalt community
• GPTI as a whole

How do we use our responses to create a more inclusive organisation and clinical practice?

There will be workshops to follow on themes related to GSRD and other aspects of diversity – details to be confirmed nearer to the conference. There is still space/time for you to offer a workshop – perhaps something you have been considering for a while; experiential activities; creative activities – please contact our administrator, Katherine Bird ( with your ideas.

And Join UKAGP (UK Association of Gestalt Practitioners)  Look what you get!


New Gestalt Voices

Second edition

“Sex in dialogue and action – though not doing it with each other” (6 session Online Exploration Group): 1st Saturday of each month from November 2023 (2-4 pm CET).

Talking about our own relationships to sex and to our sexual bodies and personas can for some be a necessary component of personal development – aspects of shame, isolation, trauma, privilege/oppression dynamics, and spiritual identity can become hived off from everyday personas and encoded in our sexual selves. These parts of us can often stay untouched through therapy training and even through therapy itself because of the combination of taboo, and the degree of trust and personal intimacy that is implicit in sharing our sexual selves. In this six session exploration group we will experiment with creating a safe enough space for sharing, supporting, and holding who we are sexually… Themes to be explored include:
> sexual development > reclaiming sexual experience from sexual abuse/trauma > power, culture and sex > relationality versus non-relationality in sex > aging > how we relate to our sexual bodies & shame > sexual play… playing with sex, sex toys > sex and spirituality > sex in the times of war and oppression.
The group will involve sharing gestalt and other materials (writing, YouTube, art, music, images) that bring to the fore different perspectives on sexual experience. There will be time for breakout group and whole group sharing of your experiences including responding to what fellow members evoke for us sexually. We will pay careful attention to contracting for what is okay for each of us. Participants will be free to share, or not share as much or as little as they feel comfortable. We may ask you to bring art materials to some sessions in order to facilitate different ways of responding to the material and to each other. Our aim is to create a space where sex can be safely spoken about without undue shame or taboo. We believe that this can radically free aspects of your sexual persona. We hope the workshops will enable participants to be more comfortable working with clients’ experience of sex, and/or create an enhanced degree of personal comfort around sex. Cost: €200 for the course.
Trainers: gestalt-practitioners John Gillespie (UK) and Lena Grigorieva (Poland/Belarus).
To find out more or express interest please contact or


3-jährige Gestaltausbildung: Heilung in der Begegnung

Dreijähriges Intensivtraining Dialogische Gestalttherapie nach dem Kölner Modell. Gemeinsam durchgeführt von Gestalt-Training-Center Köln und GIK Gestalt-Institut Köln. Ausbildungsleitung: Alexander Kopp und Erhard Doubrawa. Für Menschen, die mit Menschen arbeiten oder sich auf diese Arbeit vorbereiten möchten. Start: 30.9.- 6.10.2023. Das Bewerbungsverfahren läuft - bitte sehr bald Infomaterial bei uns anfordern: oder

3 Years - Gestalt Education - Healing in the Encounter.

Three-year intensive training Dialogic Gestalt-Therapy based on the Cologne model. Conducted jointly by the Gestalt-Training-Center in Cologne and the GIK Gestalt-Institute in Cologne. Training lead by: Alexander Kopp and Erhard Doubrawa. For people who work with people or want to prepare for this work. Start: September 30th - October 6th, 2023. The application process is running - please request information material from us very soon: or


Working with Young People: Gestalt Arts Intensive, London,W5. 

with Jon Blend MA Dip Child, Dip Psych 
Approved Oaklander Trainer; Director: Gazebo Training School, London

Learn to incorporate the following arts modalities in therapy:

Drawing & painting; sculpture/ clay; sandtray; haiku,lyric writing; musical improvisation, sound healing; movement; drama & voicework; puppetry.

This year- long 2024 course draws inspiration from the pioneering work of Gestalt Therapists Violet Oaklander and Mark McConville whose approaches put the relationship between therapist and young person at the heart of the therapeutic process.

Children and adolescents use their ‘contact skills’ as relational tools; troubled young people struggle to make good contact; many also have a poor sense of self. Therapy facilitates exploration of emotional blockages, helps children and young people reconnect with emotions, body, intellect and imagination, finding competence and resilience.

This workshop caters for counsellors, psychotherapists, teachers and other professionals who are working directly with children and young people in a therapeutic /pastoral capacity. It is likely to interest practitioners familiar with Gestalt therapy principles, also those wishing to explore their own relationship with creativity and play.

Training methods

Includes demonstrations, theory, vignettes, experiential exercises, role play, journaling, group work, discussion and (optional) practicum. 

 Objectives: Participants will learn to:
•   Weave arts methods into an experiential framework
•  Explore and use images, metaphor, movement and play
•  Understand how the relational self emerges and develops uniquely in childhood and adolescence
•  Engage young people in an exploration of troublesome thoughts and feelings using expressive arts
•  Utilise a variety of safe, practical skills and techniques suited to therapeutic work with young people (including young adults).
Course Tutor
•   Jon Blend  is a  joint UKCP registered  ( adult and child) gestalt psychotherapist, clinical ,supervisor and  trainer  with forty years experience working in adult and child mental health settings . Nowadays he sees adults, children and families for psychotherapy in private practice and teaches internationally. Jon  has written several articles ; he also has  a chapter on adolescence  in Relational Child, Relational Brain  (Harris & Lee eds.) and another in press. He is also a performing musician with London Playback Theatre Company.

  Jan 24 & Jan 25; Feb 23; Mar 28 ; Apr 25; May 23; Jun 27; Jul 27; Sept 5; Oct 26 + Nov 21* 

Hours: 10am-5pm throughout. ( 66 hours cpd over 11 days )

Venue: Friends Meeting House, Ealing, London W5.  * on 21/11 group meets in Acton, W3

Good transport links ( Elizabeth line); local accommodation: Ealing Travelodge & Ealing Premier Inn.

Fee: £1,050 includes materials, worksheets, attendance certificate*, refreshments. Early Bird rate (to Sept 30, 2023) £950.

Information  (events page) 



14th and 15th October 2023 Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick

M o V i N g

S e N s I n G

F e E L i N g

B o D i E s
Renewing Hope in a Fracturing World

A conference that seeks to gather a community of practitioners to explore forms of vitality that are of our embodied relational situations, full of possibility in a world of uncertainty.

Keynote Speakers:

Peter Philippson
Eliat Aram
Larysa Didkovska
Billy Desmond
Peri Mackintosh and live online contributions from
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb and Richard Hycner

Early Bird Rate Available up to end June
Full Fee: €260 | Student: €240

Registration from 1st July 2023 Full Fee: €290 | Student: €260



Gestalt Institute of Poland
The Gestalt Institute is a centre for comprehensive training and therapeutic activities which implements the guidelines of Gestalt psychotherapy.

WORKSHOP "MEN'S ENERGY" – FOR WHOM? For this special workshop we invite men who want to feel better in their own skin – understand and get to know themselves, deepen relationships with the environment and authentically live their lives. We will deal with ourselves through the prism of masculinity as an important component of ourselves and self-esteem. It will be about masculinity, understanding it, accepting masculinity in its own authentic form, challenges and opportunities of masculinity. It will be supportive and accepting in the male circle. We also invite psychotherapy students and therapists who want to deepen their awareness of the role of masculinity and femininity in working with clients, better support and give space for authentic exceptional masculinity and femininity. The workshop counts as group training hours within the EAGT certification requirements.

ABOUT THE COACH The workshop is led by Marten Bos – a long-time trainer and therapist of Gestalt s the Netherlands, who specializes in working with diversity and gender issues.'

If you have any questions about Men's Energy – development workshop for men with Marten Bos, write to us

 day : 9.00 – 19.00
II day : 9.00 – 19.00
III day: 9.00 – 13.00 lunch break 13.00 -15.00
The price includes accommodation at the Gestalt Institute – mattress conditions – take your own sleeping bag. Training is translated.

Sign up via Contact below:
Marta Żukowska

Instytut Gestalt sp. z o.o.
ul. Krótka 6
32-080 Zabierzów
NIP: 6793113267
tel. +48 602300930


This is a professional development website, offering Gestalt resources. Materials are predominantly free to current Gestalt students, and there are sliding scale prices for everyone else. The library of over 1,200 books is a ‘public library’, and is free to everyone.

• The site does not replace Gestalt training, but can augment it. 170 Gestalt institutes worldwide are listed for anyone who wants to undertake further training. If you have a training centre that is not shown on the site or needs to be updated, please let us know.
• There are also links to major Gestalt websites, journals, and booksellers listed, including Jeffrey Zeig's extensive collection of Gestalt demonstration materials.
• There are 200 blogs on the site - case studies presented in a Gestalt frame. They are translated variously into 20 languages.
• There is a collection of Fritz videos.
• 13 full length Gestalt demonstration sessions for viewing relational Gestalt work (free)
• And don’t forget to check out the line of designer Gestalt-related t-shirts, with cool quotes and funky designs (also viewable on
• There is a Chinese section, with 10 extended lectures on Gestalt subjects, and 57 full length Gestalt demonstration sessions for viewing relational Gestalt work; all sessions are translated into Mandarin (free)
• 34 Gestalt theory units are offered containing lectures ranging from 30 minutes to 5 hours, a quiz for a CE completion certificate, and subtitled in 30 languages. Associated with the units are over 2,000 articles; 900 of these are directly Gestalt related.

1.    Overview of Gestalt
2.    Awareness and Figure Ground
3.    Field Theory
4.    Responsibility
5.    Contact
6.    Contact Boundary phenomenon
7.    Polarities
8.    Organismic Self Regulation
9.    I-Thou and Relationality
10. Dreamwork
11. Phenomenology
12. The Gestalt Experiment
13. Middle Zone, Metaphor, Fantasy and Story
14. Paradoxical Theory of Change
15. Art and Creative Media
16. Style and Authenticity
17. The Unvirtues
18. Managing a Unit of Work
19. Somatics
20. Shame
21. Psychopathology
22. Groupwork
23. Couples and Family Work
24. Suicide
25. Sexuality
26. Attachment and Developmental Approaches
27. Character and Personality Systems
28. Historical Influences
29. Ethics and Clinical Practice
30. The Transpersonal
31. Work with Trauma and Abuse
32. Working with Children
33. Gestalt and Organisations
34. Gestalt and The Larger Ecology
35. Working with Addictions

This site will evolve over time. The intention is to support the development of Gestalt throughout the world.  Suggestions are welcome.

Steve Vinay Gunther
WhatsApp +1 323 381 9810



Humor in Therapy - A Gestalt Seminar

Presenter: Heather Anne Keyes
Friday-October 20, 2023
1 to 4:15 PM EDT
Fee: $100

A limited number of reduced rate tuition opportunities are available

Contact Dr. Petrone

Psychologists, LPC, Social Work and Marriage and Family Therapists

Location: This is a virtual training via ZOOM


Learning objectives: Upon completion of this seminar participants will be able to:
● ==Summarize insights from humor theory from anthropological, sociological, political, social activism and psychotherapeutic perspectives.
● ==Apply experience and understand their own sense of humor as a relational and therapeutic tool in line with core concepts of Gestalt theory.
● ==Describe fundamental aspects of Gestalt theory of figure-ground, paradoxical theory, juxtaposition, existentialism, creative indifference, non-judgement, use of embodied self, and the relational field as foundational to the perspective presented in the workshop.
● ==Practice humor intervention techniques and analyze their efficacy in applying them to
specific clinical settings and populations.

This seminar is relevant to all fields of application, age groups, theoretical orientations, organizational contexts, relation with other therapeutic approaches, environmental crises, gender identity, human rights, migratory phenomena, addictions, conflicts, sexuality, violence, feminism, identity, exclusion, training and supervision of professionals, education and health services.


Heather Anne Keyes is a neurodivergent Canadian-Mexican Gestalt Psychotherapist with 15 years’ experience working in private online practice internationally. She works with individuals and groups- especially neurodivergent adults, is founder and President of the AMPG (Association Mexicana de Psicoterapia Gestalt Contemporanea), founder and coordinator of the “Humans of Gestalt” project and, and has served as an academic advisor, program coordinator, faculty, guest faculty and consultant in numerous Gestalt training programs around the world. Her writing has been published in the BGJ and in Gestalt Review. She is passionately curious about issues of social justice, human rights, critical thinking, humor, decolonization, neurodiversity and enjoys food. She has coordinated and served as a bilingual interpreter for more than 15 international gestalt conferences and is a strong advocate for lifelong learning, community and mutual support for psychotherapists. Her current interests include narrative processes, standup comedy, organizational consulting, the creation of alternative learning communities, and taking down the patriarchy. She is a former gifted kid, a feminist, a fulltime solo parent to two amazing children, and a survivor of domestic violence overcoming PTSD. She is a cis-gendered, hetero presenting white Anglo woman.

Registration options: A Gestalt Seminar - Humor in Therapy

REGISTER NO LATER THAN Wednesday October 18, 2023




Jung believed that our shadow selves contain our repressed emotions, thoughts, desires, insecurities and fears. These things are often repressed because we are afraid of being judged or rejected by others if they were to know about them.

In this seminar, participants will explore the concept of Shadow Self using the Gestalt theories of Awareness and Polarities and examine their impact on clinician perspectives and the growth and progress of their clients. When individuals, “Own their dark side and honor this form of resistance with awareness, they can create choice and freedom to make changes that support themselves in a way that brings wholeness.”

 Learning objectives: Upon completion of this seminar participants will be able to:

• --Identify and Explain core concepts of Gestalt theory

• --Describe fundamental aspects of Gestalt theory relevant to diagnosing and treatment planning using the concept and experience of the Shadow Self

• --Evaluate current manifestations of client resistance using the concept of Shadow Self in relation to the Gestalt theories of Awareness, Polarities and Projection

• --Practice Gestalt intervention techniques and analyze their efficacy in applying them in work with client’s experience of their Shadow Selves.

Presenters: Dawn Covington, LPC AND Molly Mitchell, LPC, CAADC, SAP

Friday-November 10, 2023

1 to 4:15 PM

Fee: $100


Psychologists, LPC, Social Work and Marriage and Family Therapists

 Location: This is a virtual training via ZOOM

Registration options: INVESTIGATING THE SHADOW SELF REGISTER NO LATER THAN Wednesday November 8, 2023


1. PayPal - Complete and email this registration form and pay with Pay Pal to:

2. CHECK - Complete the information below and mail this form with your check to:

GESTALT INSTITUTE OF PITTSBURGH 1824 Murray Ave. #201 Pgh. PA 15217

3. CREDIT CARD - ($5.00 transaction fee will be applied) by calling Dr. Petrone at 412-310-7180



Saturday 23rd September 2023, Bristol,UK

Dr Dwight Turner
'Managing Your Blackness: Exploring Racial Adaptations in the Age of Supremacy'

Based around the ideas presented in his new book The Psychology of Supremacy, Dr Turner will look at just how and why racial adaptations exist and occur, and what it means for the racialised other to exist within white environments. His talk will also survey the means, both creative and otherwise, that can be used for exploration and to reinvigorate and individuate those practitioners, students and clients of colour so that the adaptations that they have become embedded within cause less psychological distress.

Dr Turner is an activist, writer and public speaker on issues of race, difference and intersectionality in counselling and psychotherapy. His book 'Intersection of Privilege and Otherness in Counselling and Psychotherapy' was published in 2021. 

Full details of the day are available on the Marianne Fry Lectures website:


 3 -- jährige Gestaltausbildung: Heilung in der Begegnung

Dreijähriges Intensivtraining Dialogische Gestalttherapie nach dem Kölner Modell. Gemeinsam durchgeführt von Gestalt-Training-Center Köln und GIK Gestalt-Institut Köln. Ausbildungsleitung: Alexander Kopp und Erhard Doubrawa. Für Menschen, die mit Menschen arbeiten oder sich auf diese Arbeit vorbereiten möchten. Start: 30.9.- 6.10.2023. Das Bewerbungsverfahren läuft - bitte sehr bald Infomaterial bei uns anfordern: oder

3 Years - Gestalt Education - Healing in the Encounter.

Three-year intensive training Dialogic Gestalt-Therapy based on the Cologne model. Conducted jointly by the Gestalt-Training-Center in Cologne and the GIK Gestalt-Institute in Cologne. Training lead by: Alexander Kopp and Erhard Doubrawa. For people who work with people or want to prepare for this work. Start: September 30th - October 6th, 2023. The application process is running - please request information material from us very soon: or



The Iota Cohort is scheduled to begin in September 2023 and complete in April 2025. The 2023-2025 Program marks the beginning of the 44th year of Gestalt training in Pittsburgh and it will be the twenty-fifth graduating class of Gestalt professionals.

Tom Petrone <>

Application Process:

The application a 3 step process:

 ·         Step 1 - Attend one selection meeting

 o   Following the meeting you will be given a program application

 ·         Step 2 - Complete and submit the application

 ·         Step 3 – Attend an individual interview with 2 members of the GIP Faculty

Please note that from the time of acceptance thorough the beginning of your cohort you will receive a 50% discount on any of the seminars offered during that time period.

 Mission Statement:

The mission of the Gestalt Institute of Pittsburgh is educate, enlighten an excite individuals and trainees about the theory, integration and application of Gestalt therapy.  We provide the highest quality programs to individuals seeking training, personal development and support for their professional and personal endeavors.

 The Institute is guided by belief in the wholeness of human experience, adherence to the highest ethical standards and support of social justice values.

Program Description:

 This program gives participants time and opportunity to acquire and practice the skills necessary to integrate Gestalt theory and methodology into their current professional and personal style.
This 200-hour training program is staffed by The Faculty of the Gestalt Institute of Pittsburgh.
The members of the faculty of the Pittsburgh Gestalt Therapy Training Program for Professionals are practicing Gestalt therapists and Trainers.  They have earned 2-year Gestalt Training Program Certificates and have completed years of Advanced Gestalt Training.

•      Thomas Petrone, Ed.D.  Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor

 •      Maura Krushinski, Ed.D.  Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor

 •      Kristy Carnahan, Licensed Professional Counselor

•      Connie Kramer Licensed Professional Counselor

Program Overview:

Training occurs in a group format that is educational, not therapeutic in nature. However, we expect each participant to develop their capacity for self-integration, as well as, their ability to work within and contribute to group learning. There are 14 training weekends conducted over two academic years:

•      Year I: Introduction of the Gestalt Model including the contact boundary and its interruptions; practical problems of therapy with constructive solutions; awareness continuum, personal and professional growth; and therapeutic theory and implications.
•      Year II: Implementation of the Gestalt Therapy Model includes developing application and personal style into therapy practice, professional performance; confidence expansion; building a firm theoretical base to support and increase the repertoire of therapeutic response; increased personal and professional awareness of group dynamics, couple and family systems.

Program Goal:
The overall goal of this training experience is to provide participants with the opportunity to learn the theory and practice of Gestalt Therapy.  Participants explore new areas of professional development while gaining new tools and an expanded vision to explore the interpersonal relationship with greater effectiveness and depth.

Who Should Apply

Individuals who are seeking to enhance their personal and professional skills. Those who have earned a Masters level degree or equivalent life experience.  We welcome mental health and other healing professionals, members of the medical, legal and educational communities, artists, authors, participants in support programs and other professional growth training programs.  We strive to build and extend the Gestalt community in Pittsburgh with a value of variety in life experience, as well as gender, age, race, religion, ideologies and socio-economic diversity.

Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy

- Advanced International Training -
Two Year International Advanced Training Program
Trainers: Billy Desmond, Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Miriam Taylor, Silvia Tosi, Carmen Vàzquez Bandin

A training to improve your clinical practice with new developments in Gestalt therapy, neurosciences, phenomenology and research.
As Gestalt therapists, how can we approach developmental processes, psychopathology and diagnosis?
How does our theory open new horizons on primary relationships, human suffering and contemporary disturbances?
How does this change our daily practice in supporting people who suffer?
This International Training provides a coherent method to approach new clinical issues related to development, psychopathology and research in clinical practice.
A special focus will be provided to being psychotherapists in a fragmented, desensitized, unsafe world.
Ethical issues of clinical dilemmas about wars, losses, unsafety, and other qualities of contemporary organism/environment fields will be attended to in each seminar.

First seminar - Siracusa (Italy), May, 6-10, 2024
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb:
Gestalt Therapy Relational Developmental approach; Psychopathology as a function of the field; The therapeutic situation and Aesthetic Relational Knowing; Psychopathological functionings as different ground experiences of the self-in-contact; Developmental and clinical dilemmas about wars, losses, unsafety, and other qualities of contemporary organism/environment fields.
Billy Desmond:
Bodily processes as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool; Clinical issues about human sexuality: beyond labels; An embodied phenomenological approach to support vitality in groups.

Second seminar - Milano (Italy), November, 4-8, 2024
Silvia Tosi:
Sufferings in children and adolescents: to support vitality and the “dance” of reciprocity in therapeutic situations.
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb:
Personality disturbances; Narcissistic development of contact experiences.

Third seminar - Siracusa (Italy), March, 24-28, 2025
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb:
Anxiety disturbances and Panic attacks; Dissociations.
Miriam Taylor:
Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder interventions.

Fourth seminar - Milano (Italy), November, 10-14, 2025
Carmen Vazquez Bandin:
Losses and mourning; Ethical dilemmas in the clinical fields of countries at war.
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb:
Personality disturbances; Borderline development of contact experiences.

For more information visit


Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy

- Phenomenology and Aesthetics of Clinical Practice – Online Program
September 13, 2023 - December 13, 2023

with Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Stefania Benini, Dan Bloom, Billy Desmond, Lynne Jacobs, Scott Churchill

These series of seminars will explore clinical examples of how to work with a phenomenological and aesthetic glance, in a field perspective.
Each meeting offers a Gestalt-centered perspective on clinical cases – a situational window, which includes the therapist and avails itself of tools configured to modify the entire experiential field.
The series is inspired by the recent book “Psychopathology of the Situation in Gestalt Therapy: A Field-oriented Approach” (Routledge) edited by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb and Pietro A. Cavaleri, and it is addressed to clinicians who are interested in exploring new perspectives on clinical sufferings and having some supervision.
Theoretical presentations, supervision or personal work, and clinical explorations in small groups with participants from all over the world make this experience both professionally highly qualified, exciting and deep from a human point of view.
Each seminar will include a main three hour teaching part, conducted by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, and a one hour dialogue with guest trainers.

The program consists of 4 seminars, 4 hours each for a total of 16 hours.
For those who cannot attend a seminar online, a video recording will be provided.

Seminar 1
Working clinically in the situation: examples of phenomenological and aesthetic therapeutic processes
in dialogue with Dan Bloom
September 13, 2023
16.00 – 20.00 (Rome, Berlin, Paris UTC + 2); 10.00 AM – 2.00 PM (New York UTC – 4)

Seminar 2
Clinical issues about human sexuality: beyond labels
in dialogue with Billy Desmond
October 25, 2023
16.00 – 20.00 (Rome, Berlin, Paris UTC + 2); 10.00 AM – 2.00 PM (New York UTC – 4)

Seminar 3
Clinical issues related to clients with personality disturbances and their therapists
in dialogue with Lynne Jacobs
November 15, 2023
16.00 – 20.00 (Rome, Berlin, Paris UTC + 1); 10.00 AM – 2.00 PM (New York UTC – 5)

Seminar 4
The situated therapist: aesthetic relational knowing and the “dance” of reciprocity between therapist and client
in dialogue with Scott Churchill
December 13, 2023
16.00 – 20.00 (Rome, Berlin, Paris UTC + 1); 10.00 AM – 2.00 PM (New York UTC – 5)



Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy

Led by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb and Miriam Taylor

Milan (Italy), November 10-11, 2023

The here and now of the therapeutic experience is rooted in a background of learning that occurred in previous meaningful relationships. The bodily process, the definition of self and the creative choices that patient and therapist go through in the session are a masterpiece of integration and reciprocity, which includes the backgrounds of both and is intended towards a new way of being-with the other. When the patient is stuck in traumatic situations, it is necessary to fully understand and ‘inhabit’ their attachments, creating flexibility of adaptations, in order to connect to the vitality that every experience – even if suffering – preserves.
Miriam and Margherita will experiment with co-leadership, presenting and demonstrating their thoughts on Trauma and Psychopathology of the Situation. After brief introductions, they will in turn offer individual clinical demonstrations. They will work in the presence of one other, expanding their views with comments and highlighting vital aspects of traumatic experiences.
Participants will thus learn from live therapeutic experience how to work with attachment patterns for trauma healing.
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb and Miriam Taylor are two internationally trained gestalt psychotherapists who want to focus on supporting human vitality by considering the creative adaptation aspects of trauma.



Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy

- A space and time for yourself and an update on new clinical issues -
(Seventh Edition)
Siracusa (Italy) - July 8-12, 2024

Trainer: Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, PsyD

One of the most important (and forgotten) issues for psychotherapists is to take care of oneself and to give oneself time and space to breathe, concentrate, to be able to accept the support of someone else.
The world is changing fast. Globalization, dislocation, the threat of terrorism and economic challenges, of COVID pandemic and of wars, are having significant effects on clients and their communities.
This programme will provide participants an opportunity to explore the impact of these challenges for them, their clients, and for the development of Gestalt psychotherapy. This summer retreat will offer you the possibility to work on yourself, while being updated on contemporary Gestalt therapy theory and to reflect on the application of Gestalt therapy principles to today’s clinical problems.
And of course – to have good Italian food, swim in the Ionian Sea, and visit many historical (Greek and Roman) sites.

Margherita will offer an open dialogue on her last developments in GT theory and practice.



Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy

- Two Year International Training Program 2023-2025 -

Scientific Director: Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Dr.Psychol.Psychoth.

The program is accredited by the EAGT, and accomplishes its requirements and training standards.
In Gestalt therapy supervision is a fundamental process, a learning environment and a necessary support for clinical practice.
This process is a means to better understand clinical cases, to reflect on the therapeutic situation and relationship, to orient oneself in the therapeutic process. In addiction, it increases awareness about the fields created by therapist and client and by supervisor and supervisee, and provides support from belonging to the professional community in order to be able to offer the best possible practice for clients.
This training program provides a theoretical and experiential education which aims to develop the skills of a Gestalt supervisor.
Each seminar develops a theoretical framework and a method to supervise psychotherapists from Gestalt therapy perspective, it will also provide hypervisions (supervision of supervision).
The Gestalt group setting of this training will allow all participants to contribute their creativity and expertise, supporting critical reflection at both a theoretical and practical level.
The support and presence of colleagues from many parts of the world and the beauty of Italy will provide the best environment to nourish one’s own skill as a Gestalt supervisor.


See full description of seminar contents in

The whole program consists in 245 hours: 75 hours of theory and practice; 120 hours of practice; 50 hours of Hypervision.
It includes 5 seminars in presence in 2 years (twice a year), for an amount of 150 hours, plus 95 hours of practice of supervision and hypervision online, with accredited supervisors.
The program will last from May 2023 till March 2025.
In order to receive the title of Gestalt Supervisor, accredited by the EAGT, each participant has to present a dissertation on a clinical case of supervision or hypervision, with the modality of SCTS, and fulfill all standard criteria required and openly shared with participants.


Psychotherapists who have trained in GT and practice as psychotherapists since at least 5 years. Maximum 20 people.
All standard criteria required to get the title of Gestalt Supervisor will be openly shared with participants.

The diploma of Gestalt Supervisor is awarded to those who attend the full programme and who meet the evaluation criteria (according to the competences described in
The training program is in accordance with the EAGT training standards for supervisors.

Milan, Italy (second and third seminar)
Siracusa, Italy (first, fourth and fifth seminar)


Through the site
Registration commits participants to attend and pay for the five seminars (in the case of a missed seminar you can attend the next training edition).
Participants must sign the EAGT Code of Ethics, send a CV and provide a letter of recommendation from their supervisor.



Edited By Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Pietro A. Cavaleri


by Scott D. Churchill

Editors' Introduction

Part 1: Psychopathology of the Situation

1. Psychopathological Situations in a Post-Pandemic World.
Gestalt Therapy in Emergent Clinical Fields
by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb and Pietro A. Cavaleri

2. Working on the Ground, on Aesthetics, and on the "Dance".
Aesthetic Relational Knowing and Reciprocity
by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb
Beyond slogans: connecting individuals in a community
A comment by Erving Polster

3. Global Unrest and the Anthropological Perspective of Gestalt Therapy
by Pietro A. Cavaleri
The World Crisis and Gestalt Therapy: Response to Cavaleri
A comment by Gary Yontef

4. Phenomenology and Gestalt psychotherapy. New challenges under-the-radar
by Pietro A. Cavaleri

5. The Gestalt Clinical Data Sheet: a Phenomenological, Aesthetic, and Field Instrument for Gestalt Psychotherapy and Supervision
by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Elisabetta Conte, Maria Mione

Part II: Psychopathological Situations in the Clinical Fields of Human Relations

6. "Ring-a-ring o' Roses, A Pocket Full of Posies" Gestalt Psychotherapy and Childhood Suffering
by Silvia Tosi and Elisabetta Conte

7. Children of "broken" relationships: repairing the ground of parental experience
by Paola Canna and Manuela Partinico

8. Gestalt psychotherapy and complex trauma in preadolescence. How to support the integration of the body, emotions, and words.
by Rosanna Militello

9. To be or not to be autistic: from the camouflage effect to élan vital. A Gestalt perspective
by Antonio Narzisi

10. Adolescents in Eclipse. Journey notes from the labyrinth of social withdrawal
by Michele Lipani

11. Addiction as persistent trauma in the ground experience: neurobiology and Gestalt psychotherapy
by Giancarlo Pintus and Maria Luisa Grech

12. Conflict in Couple Relationships as Space for Recognition. An opportunity that is still possible in the post-pandemic world
by Pietro A. Cavaleri

13. Working with families in Gestalt psychotherapy
by Giuseppe Sampognaro

14. Gestalt Psychotherapy and Ageing
by Alessandra Merizzi

15. Gestalt psychotherapy and the relationship with the chronic patient: accepting and supporting the experience of loss through an aesthetic gaze
by Alessandra Vela and Donatella Buscemi

16. For whom the bells do not toll. The processing of bereavement in our time
by Carmen Vazquez Bandin

by Santo Di Nuovo

You can see more and order the book here:

You can find the Gestalt Therapy Book Series at


-        2nd and 3rd September 2023 – The Challenges of Racism in Psychotherapeutic Training - Online

This is an online course for Gestalt trainers and Workshop Leaders to develop their understanding and skills in addressing the teaching and learning processes associated with racism.

The training will be led by Dr Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga and includes theoretical frameworks based on concepts such as ‘Recognition Trauma’ and ‘A Black Empathic Approach’.

Further information and booking details can be found here:


-        14th to 16th June 2024 – Save the Date: UKAGP Residential Conference – Woodland Grange, Leamington Spa

We’re in the early stages of planning for our 2024 residential conference and would love to hear ideas and suggestions for what topics/themes you’d like to be explore, or perhaps you’d like to host a workshop … You can send your suggests to me directly at


XIV EAGT Conference

Espacio Pablo VI ( MADRID )
21st - 24th September 2023

Note:  We have been told there are only there are only places left in the online modality.
You can find the conference information here:

This is a Good Read:


Thoughts from the Couch
by Juliette Clancy

Juliette Clancy is a BACP & COSRT accredited psychotherapist based in London, who has worked with thousands of individuals and couples all over the world. Thoughts From The Couch was born out of her desire to share some of her learnings and insights. These reflections emerged over time spent immersed in the quietness of nature, allowing her to reminisce on both the challenges as well as the gifts so often faced by both therapist and client.


. . . An insightful, beautifully written book - - full of tenderness, understanding and grasp of the human condition. I would recommend this book without any hesitation. In fact, very much hoping for a second volume from this author

. . . his valuable book starts at the very beginning, when the words ‘Coronavirus and Pandemic’ arrived in our vocabulary. Reading it takes me right back to when we were talking about bumping elbows to greet each other, whilst laughing rather nervously, as we contemplated the unknown.

Its taken me on a journey and made me realise the enormity of how much has changed in the world over the last two years, and the feelings and consequences around it that humans have experienced. It prompts self reflection, a valuable tool.

Written by Juliette, a psychotherapist based in London, she weaves her incredibly wise words, thoughts and experiences through each of its chapters, shining a light on, and explaining her views, on a wide range of deep feelings, - fear, anxieties, hopelessness, loneliness, isolation, shame and so much more that her clients present with, and we the readers, have probably recently encountered too. Its possible to read each chapter on its own, and one of the absolute beauties of this book that I really appreciate, is the poetry and quotations, so cleverly used to open up and further explain each topic being written about. This book is one I will have nearby to pick up, read and gain wisdom from always.


You've thought, you've read, you've laid awake at night working on an idea.  And now you have written your book, your article, your poem . . .
Protect your copyright, protect the legacy.
Copyright is protected worldwide.  Understanding international copyright laws.

This book can help:

The Copyright Permission & Libel Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide for Writers, Editors, and Publishers -

Jassin, Lloyd J.

For anyone who has ever faced the confusing web of copyright and libel laws, this practical, problem-solving guide is a godsend. In clear, jargon-free language, legal experts provide the information and techniques you need to prepare a manuscript or multimedia work for publication. You'll learn how to:
* Clear rights for all types of copyrighted materials, including quotations, photographs, fine art, motion picture stills, song lyrics, and more
* Protect yourself against libel suits
* Determine if a work is in the public domain
* Assess if quoting without permission qualifies as fair use
* Locate rights holders
* Negotiate clearances

Includes library of sample forms:
* permission letter
* interview release
* model release
* work-made-for-hire agreement
* copyright assignment
* photograph license

Abe books


Black Lung is back and worse.  Have any of you worked in this region?  Let us know your experiences.

The Sugar Maple Grove

by John E. Espy (Author)

In early twentieth century Van Lear, Kentucky, miners in a conscripted coal town go down to work in the shaft only to come back up in pieces.

Company-hired detectives and preachers terrorize the workforce, their women and widows, and children into submission with threats of violence and eternal damnation while the Knights subject blacks to acts of unspeakable violence.

Slavery is a way of life. Murder is a daily occurrence.

Then one day in the Sugar Maple Grove, Moses Kitchen takes a stand against the members of the Ku Klux Klan sparking a small but enduring revolt against corporate, religious, and racial tyranny that finds its way throughout the generations from the son of a shoe salesman to a feisty, young female lawyer and beyond in this epic Southern Gothic about race, poverty, religion, and barbarism, and those brave enough to dare to see a different society.

The Devil in the Dust

Click for link to Amazon
Paperback – April 22, 2022
by John E. Espy (Author)

As miners in hard hats swing pick axes miles underground, the Devil comes calling disguised as a black dust. The dirty soot penetrates deep into the miners' lungs. Then, after years of suffering and torture, the Devil claims each victim. Such is the fate of the coal miner. Not one, not two, but thousands of men suffer the fate of black lung disease.

Lied to for a century by the coal companies, pursued by cowardly goons, and unscrupulous doctors, as the tragedy continues in the name of profit, three physicians dare to put their reputations, and at times their lives, on the line to expose the plight of the miners. They try to discover ways of diagnosing black lung disease that can't be dismissed or shamed by the coal companies or their physician cronies.

The Devil in the Dust is a story about courage, not only of the physicians confronting the coal companies and their stooges, but the courage of the coal miners to persevere in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, in this stand-alone novel that also continues the stories of those first started in The Sugar Maple Grove.

The Echo of Odin: Norse Mythology and Human Consciousness
by Edward W.L. Smith (Author)

The pagan mythology of the Vikings offers a rich metaphor for consciousness. This book presents the cosmography of Norse mythology as a landscape of human inner life. Each of the nine worlds of this cosmography is viewed as a symbol of a distinct type of consciousness that is emblematic of a particular perspective or way of relating to others.

Individual gods and goddesses are considered nuanced personifications of their worlds. The philosophy of pagan mythology is explored by comparing and contrasting the Sayings of Odin from the Norse Edda with the Christian Ten Commandments.

Gestalt Therapy Books by Edward W.L Smith


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